Are you a chief executive with IT responsibility? Are your projects running smoothly and to schedule? If not, you may need counseling from Loft-IT.
Loft-IT delivers independent counseling. Loft-IT's ydelser tager udgangspunkt i erfaring med Microsoft platformen, men Loft-IT har ingen gensidigt forpligtende partnerskaber med nogen større leverandører, der fordrer favorisering af specifikke produkter eller producenter. This contributes to Loft-IT being able to finding the best and cheapest solution for you.
Avoid the consequences of unrealistic deadlines and resource waste. Get qualified consultancy during planning and man correctly.

What are the needs for custom build?

How is the business affected?

What would be the expenses in time and materials?

What is required to run the project yourself?

Supplier Sourcing

What are the results of the project?

Is it estimated and manned appropriately?

What is the actual state and progress of the project?

Are the business needs covered?

What is the state and quality in terms of architecture and code?

Are deadlines realistic and what is required to meet them?

What can Loft-IT offer?

A counseling is based on your situation, our collective experience, and your best interest.
Loft-IT offers counseling and solutions in:

> Application Development
> Supplier sourcing
> IT architecture
> RFP material production
>Technical analyses and specifications.
> Technology Selection
> Product Selection
> Source code evaluation/appraisal
> Supplier Sourcing
> Methods, processes, and tools.
> Version control and configuration control.
> Reestablishing functional and technical documentation.
> Strategy
> Business Development
> Application Management
> Resource Planning
> Quality Assurance
> Employee Increase and Rationalization

This means for you

> The possibility of effectively creating value with tailor-made systems.
> High quality of code and documentation
> Security

Loft-IT - Frederiksberg Allé 34, st th - 1820 Frederiksberg C - +45 26 15 15 25