Architecture and Application Development

Do you need an architecture or development solution?
Loft-IT develops all in custom architectures and systems from scratch. This includes handling all project activities - within analysis, specification, architecture, development, test, and management. High quality development carried out using new and proven technology. Loft-IT constructs systems on the Microsoft platform and, based on extensive experience with development of custom systems, has built up knowledge and a method to execute projects effectively and with success.

The Loft-IT method for development projects is based on deep and wide experience from custom build development projects on all scales.

Loft-IT constructs custom solutions such as:

Application Development
New data transmission and processing systems, work flow automation, process modelling, project tools, search mechanisms, surveillances, dashboards, business intellicence. Automated tests.

New architecture, service and message busses, service orientation, platforms and frameworks as a basis of further development, plugins.

System Integration
Integration and syncronisering of several existing and new systems.

Data and Information Streams
Searches, stem data handling, transactions, approval flows, payement, web crawling.

Portals and Document Handling
Webbased applications with role based access, for presenting and handling customers, employees, documents. Mobile apps. Data from web crawling. Natural language processing.

What do we do when the project has been completed and the solution implemented?
Read about management and maintenance here...

Would you alternatively like to man a team?
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